Monday, June 22, 2009

DAY: One

A Scatter-brained Account of our Thailand Adventures:

Day one: We are sitting in the airport, Bethany’s chowing down on a fish taco/with a substituted chicken, and I’m writing this thinking about you all. Its already been a great day with Beth!

I love to people watch...i could sit all day long on a bench observing people and their different, frustration, spontinuity, youth..its all so interesting to me...... And Airports are one of my favorite places to people watch!

I swear, its like a sociologist’s candy land... Different people, different ways of life, different languages, different size bags...different stress techniques. It could easily become like a I-SPY game of “spot the strange” :)

I spotted a woman in first class line with a translucent shirt and leopard bra... Bethany responded “well that just doesn’t bless anybody” HAHA....I LOVED it! I laughed about that one for awhile! What a response!

I liked the way she was thinking about it.. what blesses others!? If we could all think in context of what would be a blessing to others how our lifestyles would change... Anyways TTYL (talk to you later) and keep us in your prayers :)



  1. hey girls....the collage you posted is so appropriate as I sense a need for maintaining your position of victory in GRACE and that it is the LORD that produces fruit. Abide in Him, whatever and wherever you are. Invite Him into every situation and conversation and let His Living Water flow out of you. It will accomplish what the Lord sends it forth to do. Trust the Holy Spirit IN YOU! Blessings and covering for His Glory and HIS Name's Sake. sue

  2. whoop! I have such great joy knowing your feet are on Thai soil! As you see the elaborate adornment in the cities remember Christ is the KING OF KINGS and the WORD of God which is more valuable than gold. love ya!

  3. Bethany's comment "That blesses no one" blessed me. I laughed, and THAT'S GOOD. I'll have to remember that in my actions, if I bless ANYONE. If not I should avoid it. You Both are WISE