Monday, June 29, 2009

Trek to Burma

Hello Friends!

Yesterday we went to Burma, it was interesting.. The U.N. recently named Burma the most corrupt country in the when they asked us to hand over our passports to get in, we really prayed we would get them back... God is good :) My Mom and Dad are probably choking about now but rest assured God is in control..

The first thing we did was go visit a local doctor’s office that Ron met a little girl at a few weeks ago.. She was trying to run away because her parents were making plans to sell her to a local casino. She was asking the Doctor to take her and her sister into the orphanage he runs. When Ron and Courtney left they felt uneasy and felt like they needed to go back and get her. During that time her parents had called the Police and taken her away... they soon sold her to a local Casino. So we went back to ask the Doctor where she was taken to hopefully get her back. He was not there and we were told he will be back in four days so we are going to go back for more answers.

One of the things you can pray about however is that the Doctors heart would be softened for the girl. We sense that he might be hesitant to share her location because he holds a position in the community... This is just what we sense so we are praying that His heart is stirred for the girl. The Doctor is a christian but a lot of time we justify things because we want to believe the greater good is better...if we neglect one. We know Jesus died for her though and we believe that her life is worth a position of greatness...if it comes down to that... So we are praying that the Lord would stir His heart in compassion for her.. That His position would not hinder his compassion.


  1. Okaaayyyy, sweetie, thank you for stretching my faith (as you go to Burma!). I'll be praying for the little girl to be rescued and redeemed. My heart breaks for her.

  2. continuing to pray for this precious child's release from this cruel captivity of the enemy...Lord please rescue this child, and reveal to Ron her whereabouts. You Lord see each tear and hear our cries for mercy!
    God Bless...