Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At the Orphanage!

It raining! I’m loving it here already... Today we got picked up from the airport and were given a tour of the orphanage, then joined the staff for lunch. Rice, chicken, green beans and HOT sauce. :) I was happy to have real food in my stomach considering we have been living in an airplane or in layover for the last two days and I already posted pictures of the food...soo you know why.

Anyways we got to sit down with Ron, the man who started the orphanage and hear story after story of God’s grace over the children and the staff. One story that truly struck me was that every year they give the children 500 baht for christmas... 32 baht=1dollar

it was around 15 dollars a piece... That november Ron had taken a few of the older orphan boys to a orphanage that was struggling significantly so they could help aid them for a few days. The boys came back and told the other orphans about the conditions of the other orphanage and a little girl spoke up and said she wanted to give her christmas money to them. She was only the first.

It was moving to hear. I want to meet her just so i can learn from her. What generosity!

God’s grace is so amazing to me. He continues to offer it arms open to all. What relief is gained by so easy an acceptance. What is it within us that pushes it away? It is confounding to me, but then i remember I’m not who I was... I remember that anything worthwhile in me is through the grace of Jesus Christ. He who died on a cross, needs nothing from us... we need only to surrender, and that grace is bestowed upon us. He takes the burdens that shroud our minds and weights of brokenness and moves to heal. We are the one who beg him not to do it, believing we can do it on our own, when its just more weights we unknowingly add to shoulders so small...

I guess its just human nature is so opposed to God’s... if you think of holding a grudge. We do it because we want to...It is human nature to hold it, but God commands us to forgive. We realize not that the grudge is but a poison we have drunk, hoping the other person dies. So pointless our vindication to destroy anybody but ourselves while God bids us forgive! What weights are lifted at receiving it and what blessing by giving it?!

Its just raining and thinking is a good thing to do when it raining... Blessings from Thailand!

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  1. yeah yeah yeah! You made it! rejoice, pray, listen. Don't be led by your own thoughts but by the Spirit. Just rejoice, rejoice rejoice that you are there!

    Oh, and tell Ron I say hi!