Saturday, June 27, 2009

family time

well, the past few days have been quite busy! all of the orphanages are staying at baan immanuel right now for their end of the month "family" get-together, and it's been a lot of fun. our room has become a sort of "hang-out and destroy" area for all the kids, but we wouldnt have it any other way :) (except when we're trying to get dressed/do devos in the morning with an unrelenting knock on our door...haha). but overall, we've been really blessed. we played a lot of games last night, sang some songs, and celebrated the birthday's of this month. christianne took a lot of pictures and videos, so hopefully she'll be posting them soon! we were going to head to a village today with a couple here named Josh and Jen, but we just found out there is a huge meeting going on between different village pastors so it wouldn't be the best time. So, next week we'll be heading to one hopefully. you can pray for Josh and Jen; they recently just a sweet little baby boy named Jonathon(2 months) and have been living in Thailand a little over a year. they have been learning the Hmong language and are planning to work with them long-term. as of right now they are teaching english to different people here at the orphange almost every day, and we've been able to help out as well! it is very fun :) alright, church will be starting soon, and i have a friend sitting next to me waiting anticipantly for me to stop typing, so i'll talk to you all later!

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  1. :) You girls are great. Thank you so much for your updates.